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Attijariwafa Bank Overview

Attijariwafa Bank is one of Morocco’s largest banks but it is also one of the largest in Africa. It has a presence in 23 countries in addition to Morocco, mostly in Europe. The group has 6.8 million customers and over 16,000 employees. In Morocco there are over 7,000 employees and 5,263 branches. Ba... read more

Attijariwafa Bank Discussion

  • Q: Hi. I live in Sweden and thought to open a savings account in your bank so my question is how much can you get interest? Could you send litte more information about Mh Jonson

    Reply Jonson from Sweden
  • Q: i have a bank account ath this bank and i from uk, i was doing business in morocco which has closed now and i had given cheques in the past and i made people awae that their is no money in this account so dont give cheques in and i want to close my bank account what do i do?

    Reply muhammed ali from London, United Kingdom